Industrial consulting engineering
  • Costs optimization, increasing capacity and efficiency of production
  • Turn-key projects
  • Engineering design
  • Personnel training
Import of equipment procurement
  • Choice and procurement of manufacturing equipment, materials
  • Transportation and customs clearance of imported European equipment
  • After-sales services
Technological engineering construction
  • Rigging and installation of manufacturing lines and pipelines
  • Installation of utility systems
  • Start-up and commissioning
  • Technical maintenance of production facilities

Our strong points

  • We employ European development engineers
  • Clear understanding of manufacturing tasks
  • Perfect compliance with schedule of works
  • Strict compliance with standards and manufacturers’ recommendations
  • Proven experience of upgrading and expanding factories without interruption of production
  • We buy European equipment at domestic prices
  • Dedicated teams for import procurement and customs clearance of imported equipment, components and respective spare parts
  • We deliver the required spare parts within 48 hours
  • Service maintenance and equipment repair on the territory of Russia and CIS
  • In-house team of highly skilled engineers and dexterous assembly crews with high level of production culture
  • Correct installation of equipment, providing for its uninterrupted operation
  • Reliable service and complete reproducibility of results by factory personnel
We specialize in four industry sectors

1. Perfume and cosmetic

2. Pharmaceutical

3. Food industry

4. Pertochemical

Noginsk, ul. 1-ya Ilyicha, bld. 14, Moscow Region, Russia